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Do you want to find any vehicle details? Please go through RTO Vehicle Information... it gives you the complete details of any vehicle which is registered in India. The RTO Database provides you all the necessary details of any vehicle in a single click. All you have to do is just enter the vehicle Registration number in the Search Box Shown Above. Instantly get details such as the Owner Name, vehicle Name and Registration Number, Registration Date, Registration Authority, Vehicle Age, Vehicle Class, Fuel Type, Engine No, & Chassis No. Some of these details are masked because of security reasons.

If you have the following questions, regarding vehicle owner details then this page may help you!

If you find the details with a vehicle number, Share your experience and feedback in the comment section and let users know about our website. If you didn't find vehicle details or if you need any other particular details, please write a comment with your vehicle number, we will get back to you with the details ASAP.

What is RC Status, Registartion certificate or RC Details?

RC Status or the registration certificate is the official document issued by the RTO authority when someone buys a new vehicle and registers it with the RTO.

RC is used to identify the owner of the vehicle and for records of vehicles sold and bought.

Vehicle registration is mandatory if you purchase any vehicle.

You need to carry your RC with you all the time when you drive, if you're caught with a car without a valid RC, you might attract a fine or imprisonment depending on the circumstances.

Know your vehicle deatil | Get vahan information by plate number | mParivahan vehicle details

Vehicle owner info gives you helpful data about vehicle that could come in handy during road accidents and rash driving cases, before purchasing a second-hand vehicle or for law enforcement and investigation purposes. Vehicle details can also be important if you lost your documents related vehicle/vahan. You can find any detail of vehicle. Vehicle details are also important, if your vehicle is stolen and you wants to claim. Vehcile information is mandatory if you don't have valid documents. You can find the vehicle details of any vehicle car/bike online using this portal. Vehicle registration details, Vahan owner information, Vahan rto information can be fetched for any state in India i.e. Maharashtra, Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, etc.

Some details that RC Status shows are -

• Registration Number

• Registration Authority

• Registration Date

• Owner Name

• Vehicle Brand

• Vehicle Model

• Vehicle Class

• Fuel Type

• Insurance Info

• Fitness Info

How to search or know the RC Status / RC details / Owner details of vehicle?

The RC Status of vehicles in India can be checked on the parivahan website.

Open Parivahan Website, Enter your vehicle's registration number and wait for the page to show your details.

You can try the same procedure above for trial, we'll show how the RC Status or RC details look like with dummy details.

Find Your Vehicle Details Online | How to Find Vehicle Owner Details by Registration Number?

Check your vehicle owner details online in 2 mins, Type in the vehicle’s registration number in the given space,Click “GO” and you’re through,So, if you ever need to know the details of a vehicle owned by someone other than yourself, all you need is that vehicle’s registration number and a working phone, and unlike the VAHAAN process, you don’t even have to send an SMS! With this you can check out the details of and car, bike, auto rickshaw, or any other category motor vehicle.